Boost your paycheck by up to $250/month

Grid increases the size of your paycheck by optimizing your taxes and putting more money back in your pocket.

It’s your money, keep more of it

Did you know that the government takes way too much in taxes taken out of your paycheck? A family that makes $30,000 per year gets an average tax refund of $3,000.  That’s an extra $250 a month that the government holds onto, and they’re not even paying you interest for borrowing your money!


Grid optimizes your tax situation, by sending just the right amount to the government so that you keep that extra money in your pocket. 

How it works

1 - Tell us about yourself

Spend 2 minutes answering questions about your financial situation.

2 - Choose your Payboost

See how much Payboost you can get and decide how much you want.

3 - Watch your paycheck increase

We take it from there! We work with your payroll provider to boost your paycheck.


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Ready for your Pay Boost?


Want to learn more?

Your Payboost will be paid out via your regular paycheck. It’s very simple and convenient. Your average take home pay will increase by the boosted amount.

When you join Grid, we’ll ask you a series of questions to help us get a picture of your tax and financial situation.  Then we work with your payroll to monitor and adjust the tax in each paycheck, making sure you pay just the right amount.  

Well, that’s up to you.  We give you options and you decide how much boost you want in each paycheck and how much you want as a tax refund at the end of the year. The bigger the boost, the smaller your refund will be.

No, Grid does not take our fees out of your paycheck.  When you sign up for your Payboost, we’ll ask you for a credit card to get started.  Grid is $1 per paycheck.

For Grid subscribers we check in every month and typically find additional tax savings and ways to increase the Payboost. This is especially important for clients that are paid by the hour where the paychecks aren’t always the same.